Kaalsarp Yog

Kalsarpa Dosh Nivaran Puja

Kaalsarp Dosh

When all planets come between Rahu and Ketu or when all the stars of fortune or planets get trapped in a vicious circle or when all the stars of fortune concentrate at one position in a horoscope then it is termed as conjunction of planets and then it's time for you to understand that you have kalsarpa yog in your life.

At times a few planets are outside the circumference or reach of rahu and ketu. Such situation is termed as 'Ardha kalsarpa yog' i.e half kalsarpa yog.
  • Due to the occurrence of kalsarpa yog in our horoscope we have to face many problems in our life.
  • We earn lot of money but never know how it is spent or how it goes away from us.
  • This yog brings negative thoughts in our mind and also creates fear in our mind.
  • This yog brings hurdles in our studies and also creates problems in getting married.
  • Kalsarpa yog also brings downfalls or loss in business.
  • Conflicts in husband wife relation and other problems are also due to kalsarpa yog.

So it is utmost important to perform kalsarpa shanti pooja to get rid of all the above mentioned problems.

Types of Bad dreams you may experience if you have Kaalsarp Dosh in your Kundali
  • Waking screaming by feeling of snake crawling all over your body.
  • Snake floating on water.
  • Flying snake
  • Seeing number of snakes at time.
  • Seeing black cobra in your dreams.
  • Snake biting cow or horse.
  • Fighting of snake and mongoose.
  • Hissing cobra with hood expanded.

Types of Kaalsarp Dosh

No. Type of Kaalsarp Dosh Place of Rahu & Ketu in Kundali Effect
1 Anant First / Seventh Struggle in life, mental restlessness
2 Kulik Second / Eighth Unwanted money expenses, arrogance, quarrels in family
3 Vasuki Third / Eighth Disputes among siblings, losses/harms from friends
4 Shankhpaal Fourth / Tenth Pregnancy related problems, financial problems, loss in education, lottery, share trading.
5 Padma Fifth / Eleventh Loss in education, lottery, share trading.
6 Mahapadma Sixth / Twelfth Threat from enemies, tensions, doubtful character
7 Takshak Seventh / First Problems in married life
8 Karkotak Eighth / Second Job loss, accidents, loss of ancestral properties
9 Shankhchood Ninth / Third Bad luck
10 Paatak Tenth / Fourth living away from parents, problems in business
11 Vishdhar Eleventh / Fifth Struggles in life, disputes with siblings
12 Sheshnaag Twelfth / Sixth Danger from hidden enemies, dishonour, eyes related problems.

There are many cures for Kaalsarp Dosh. But the only effective cure for all types of Kaalsarp Dosh is Kaalsarp Shanti pooja, which we conduct here. We will also tell you few other cures for this dosh one you give a visit to us.